BrandCharger®: New office in Shenzhen

F.t.l.: Ethan Ung, Vice President of BrandCharger, and Production Manager Chris Cheung.

CN – BrandCharger® has opened a new office in Shenzhen, China. With immediate effect, the product development department of the specialists for USB charging devices is based at Shenzhen Valley Ventures. The start-up centre supports start-ups from the technology and hardware sectors. At Shenzhen Valley Ventures the company has access to modern electrical engineering and mechanical engineering equipment as well as to diverse testing devices and can fall back on the advice of experts. “The decision to move our Product Development department to Shenzhen Valley Ventures is a logical step in our overall business growth strategy,” stated Ethan Ung, Vice President of BrandCharger. “Shenzhen is the location for the headquarters of a number of home-grown multinational high-tech companies. Shenzhen’s continuing growth in high-tech industries, financial services, foreign trade and export sectors, will ensure it continues to be a critical labour market for the future. We are excited with this development and look forward to developing even better products for our clients.”

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