MM Brown becomes part of Gudrun Chocolate

D/B – As of June 29, 2017, the MM Brown Group became part of the Belgian Gudrun Chocolate Group. A step, which according to Rafael Kladzinski, CEO of MM Brown Germany, is attributable to the growth of the last years. “We are extremely satisfied with our growth, which was primarily possible because of our very good relationships to master chocolatiers and negotiation partners all over Europe,” explained Kladzinski. “However, in order to maintain this growth and further push it, we need a strong partner. We have found the latter in the Gudrun Chocolate Group.”

The merger with the, according to own accounts, leading supplier of chocolate specialities in Belgium, opens up new distribution channels for the MM Brown Group, which has stood for exclusive filled chocolate and chocolate products since 2004 with its brand Chocolissimo. In this way, Gudrun Chocolate has successfully established itself in over 40 international markets over the last 75 years. “The possibility of gaining access to these new markets was one of the main reasons why we wanted to become part of the group,” stated Kladzinski. MM Brown Deutschland and the brand Chocolissimo are to remain intact in their present form.

As a result of the take-over, the Belgian company benefits from an E-Commerce team with international experience, online shops in Germany, Poland, Austria and further European states as well as good contacts in the B2B area.


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