Link auction for the WA newsletters ends on June 23

For the third time, promotional products suppliers have the opportunity to bid for a true USP for their group of articles in the form of an exclusive link in the Product Guide of our newsletters WA eLETTER, eppi newsflash and Promotion PRODcast. The Product Guide serves distributors, agencies and users as an orientation tool for finding the classics and best-sellers among the promotional products online.

Up until 4 p.m. on June 23, 2017, at www.werbeartikel-verlag.de/bieten there is a choice between eleven categories – from calendars and notebooks, to writing instruments, sweets and bags through to USB sticks. After assessment, further product areas can also be included; special product and brand names will not be considered. The opening bid for both existing and newly created categories is 1,000 Euros. The new links are active from July to December 2017 in all WA newsletters – that means over 40 issues and over 450,000 e-mails.


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