DIE6: Majority of the members leave the PSI

D – Ten of 15 members of the distributor group DIE6 have cancelled their PSI membership in reaction to the target group expansion of the PSI Show in Düsseldorf. This was announced by DIE6 Promotion Service in a press release stating that, in spite of in some cases over 50 years of collaboration, one no longer feels that one is in good hands due to the strategic alignment of the PSI. The PSI’s decision in January to open the show to industry customers on one day proved to have a negative effect for the majority of the participating member companies, DIE6 said. In concrete terms they criticised among other things the price transparency, since this led to increased discussions about discounts and discount structures. Furthermore, according to the organisation, direct business had evidentially been transacted, which now missing from the budget of individual companies. The expansion also made the post-processing of the trade fair business more difficult due to the limited functionality of the implemented digital trade fair system.

“Ultimately, all market participants have to represent their own interests and take steps that fall in line with the own business model that promises a future and success-oriented result,” commented DIE6 CEO, Holger Kapanski. “Here, we see a major conflict between the business interests of the trade fair organisation and the advisers. The interests of the organisers are no longer congruent with our expectations in the trade show.” The new alignment of the show leads to a merging of the market structures and in the worst case could considerably affect the indirect sales structure to the disadvantage of the promotional products distributor, Kapanski continued.

“Finally, many of our members considered the only feasible reaction was to leave the PSI network, although it sees itself as the organ of the European promotional products industry. Efforts on our side to persuade the organiser to question the Industry Day, were ignored. As such, the members who have resigned also see no possibility in supporting the trade show organisers with membership fees in future,” stated Kapanski, emphasising that the decision to leave the organisation came from the respective company owners: “We cannot and don’t want to dictate to our members how they should act on the market and which interests they should support that are organised beyond our association.“


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