Fespa: New President

President Christian Duyckaerts at the Fespa Gala Night 2017 in Hamburg.

Christian Duyckaerts was appointed President of the Fespa during the traditional gala evening of the Fespa 2017 Global Print Expo held in Hamburg on May 10, 2017. Duyckaerts has been on the board of the union of trade associations of the large-format printing community since 1962 and represents the Belgian printing association, Febelgra, where he is in charge of the Screen and Digital Printing Working Committee. In addition to this Duyckaerts, who was elected for a term of office of two years by the 37 member associations, is also the founder and CEO of Retail Communicators, a Belgian specialist for visual communications.

“We are called upon to make the Fespa fit for the future and to join the digital transformation sector which offers many opportunities for our industry. Here, I am not just thinking about web-to-print, but also about omnichannel solutions and manifold individualising areas too,” Duyckaerts commented in his opening speech. “We will help our worldwide community to face these new trends and developments by passing on established methods, knowledge and information in the scope of conferences, summits and other initiatives as well as by nurturing friendly relations.” Furthermore, Fespa will continue to invest in the industry further and will place the emphasis on the textile printing, packing, interior design and retail trade. The 17th Fespa President, who is being supported by the Vice President Christophe Aussenac during his term of office, will monitor the implementation of the strategy by the executive team that is being led by Fespa CEO, Neil Felton.

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