Faber-Castell: New Chairman of the Board

Daniel Rogger

D – The supervisory board of Faber-Castell AG has elected a successor for its Chairman of the Board, Count Anton-Wolfgang von Faber-Castell, who passed away last year: Daniel Rogger has been appointed to the position of Chairman of the Board of Faber-Castell AG as of June 1, 2017. The Supervisory Board and the Faber-Castell family already decided last year to occupy the vacant position in the family-run company with an external manager for the first time.

Rogger, a Swiss native, is a top manager with international experience in the brand item sector and luxury goods industry. “We carried out our search and selection for the potential candidate with due care and are convinced that we have made the right decision in appointing Daniel Rogger,” the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Gerhard Berssenbrügge, commented. “The entire Supervisory Board, Executive Board and of course the staff are looking forward to a cooperative, forward-looking and long-term successful collaboration.“

Countess Mary von Faber-Castell, who had provisionally taken over the position of Spokeswoman of the Executive Board, is to be appointed onto the Supervisory Board in the course of 2017. Up until her formal appointment, she will continue to be responsible for the cosmetic division of the company, as a member of the board. The remaining board members are Dr. Hans-Kurt von Werder (Technology) as well as Rolf Schifferens (Sales Europe/North America). Anton-Wolfgang’s son, Count Charles von Faber-Castell is responsible worldwide for the premium segment of the company.


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