Thimm Group invests at the Czech location

CZ – The international Thimm Group that is based in Germany is currently investing approx. 7.5 mil. Euros in a Competence Centre for folding box gluers at the location of the Czech subsidiary, Thimm Packaging in Všetaty. Particularly packaging that proved to be complicated and demanding to produce so far, because it had to run through several machines, can according to company accounts now be produced without problems on one single machine in one production run.

In addition to the folding box gluer centre for the production of highly functional packaging made out of corrugated cardboard, a new warehouse was also inaugurated at the end of February. The warehouse that spans approx. 11.500 m² and offers room for up to 15,000 palettes replaces the warehouse located 20 km away in Úžice that was used up until now. This allows orders to be processed faster and reduces the CO2 emissions, because the journeys between Všetaty and Úžice (approx. 115,000 kilometres/year) are no longer necessary. Full operation at the centre in Všetaty is to begin in April 2017.

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