S-Print invests in carpet printing machine

B – According to own accounts, the Belgian company, S-Print, has invested three and a half million Euros in a new carpet printing machine at its company location Oudenaarde in East Flanders and is thus immediately in the position to print high-resolution 400 dpi images with the finest colour gradients onto carpets. This opens up completely new, individual design possibilities to industry customers, event organisers or designers for unique specimens or small carpets with a minimum order quantity of two square metres. “The new printing machine enables us to enter the digital world of printing,“ explained Geert de Clercq, CEO of S-Print.

Huge dimensions that revolutionise carpet printing: The new printing machine measures 56 m, new premises had to be purchased especially for it.

“We print your carpet“ is the motto of S-Print’s CEO, Geert de Clercq (l) and Peter Sapper, CEO of PhotoFabrics.

In order to assemble the printing machine by Zimmer Austria which is 56 m in length, new premises had to be purchased because there wasn’t enough room at the former S-Print location in Deinze. The machine has been in operation since January 2017. “We have customers in Germany, who actually waited with their orders until we could deliver high-resolution 400 dpi prints,“ summed up Peter Sapper, whose company PhotoFabrics holds stakes in S-Print and is responsible for the sales in Germany. Together S-Print, PhotoFabrics and further trading partners in Europe are founding the new brand “pxl carpets” for the property sector. Following the motto “We print your carpet“, it is to be made as easy as possible for the customers to apply their pixels to carpets.


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