Plagiarius 2017: 40 years against copies and fakes

D – The negative Plagiarius prize, which has been conferred by the Plagiarius Campaign e.V. since 1977, draws public attention to damage caused by copies and fakes. The declared aim of the negative prize that was devised by the designer, Professor Rido Busse and which is feared by brazen manufacturers and distributors, is to raise awareness about the unfair and in some cases criminal business practises of product and brand pirates from all over the world, in order to sensitise the industry, politicians and consumers on this problematic subject. On February 10, 2017 the Plagiarius was awarded for the 41st time at the consumer goods trade show, the Ambiente, in Frankfurt during an international press conference.

One of seven “awards” of equal ranking went to the bag Taschelini
Original (l): Koziol »ideas for friends GmbH, Erbach, Germany
Copy (r): Manufacture: VR China
Dales: TOKYO 1, Japan Houseware, Indonesia

The nutcracker Naomi was also among the seven equally ranked “award-winners”
Original (l): Take2-Design GmbH & Co. KG, Rosenheim, Germany
Fake: Sales via AliExpress.com, Chinese online distributor, identity unknown

According to official accounts, alone in 2015 the EU customs authorities confiscated more than 40 million products worth over 650 mil. Euros at the outer EU borders – which corresponds to an increase of 15% compared to 2014. In 2015, the majority of the retained goods once again came from China and Hong Kong. However, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and India were also among the countries of origin. The EU is considered to be the main sales market for copies of goods. The number of European companies among the nominees for the infamous award has been increasing for years, the original manufacturers and the respective copier even frequently come from the same country.

At the award ceremony of this year’s Plagiarius 2017, of the 27 entries submitted, three were awarded main prizes and seven distinctions of equal ranking. The companies affected also included well-known companies from the promotional products industry such as koziol and Take2-Design. The distinguished products – dating back from 1977 to today – are showcased in the Plagiarius Museum in Solingen.



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