Sublimation printing: BPMA tests cups

UK – How reliable are coated cup blanks for sublimation printing? Do the relevant brands hold their promises? The BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) investigated the matter: On behalf of the British industry association, the independent British testing institute, Lucideon, examined the products of five of the most common manufacturers of coated cup blanks in September 2016. The brands tested were Duraglaze, GlazeKing, JS Coating, Orca Coating and Rhino Coat. According to the manufacturers, all of the products are dishwasher-proof. Beforehand, the cups were all customised with identical motifs and were tested for compliance with the norm BS EN 12875-4. To this end they were soaked in a standardised detergent for 32 hours at a constant temperature of 75°C and were compared to a control model after eight, 16 and 32 hours.

The results that have now been published are sobering: Already after eight hours – that corresponds to 125 cycles in the dishwasher – four of the five brands displayed noticeable wear marks such as flakes in the coating and faded motifs. Only the Duraglaze model survived 32 hours without visible impairments (see box for a summary of the results). Based on the test results, the survey attests an average durability of 2.98 years for the customisation on the Duraglaze cups – when cleaned in the dishwasher once a day – whereas the motif on all other models already starts to suffer after a quarter of a year already.

The complete survey can be viewed on the website of the association.


Brand Manufacturer specifications 8 h

(125 dishwasher cycles)

16 h

(250 dishwasher cycles)

32 h

(500 dishwasher cycles)

Duraglaze dishwasher proof 0 0 0 Passed
GlazeKing dishwasher proof 2 2 2 Failed
JS Coating dishwasher safe 2 2 2 Failed
Orca Coating dishwasher proof 2 2 2 Failed
Rhino Coat dishwasher proof 2 2 2 Failed

0=no visible change
1=initial changes visible
2=clearly visible change

Source: BPMA 2017

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