SPS: New Head of Sales Europe

Robert van den Brink

UK – SPS has appointed Robert van den Brink as Head of Sales Europe. The industry expert, who pushed the expansion of the Dutch market for SPS as Head of Sales, will receive support from Manfred Nieder, Sales Director in the German-speaking zone, and Anne Gobled, Sales Manager of the team at SPS France. Furthermore, in order to be able to serve the European market more expediently, the internal customer service team has been expanded.

“Since joining the team at SPS, it has been clear to see the ambitious plans for business growth across Europe,” stated van den Brink. “These plans are supported by innovative new product development, continuously improving branding processes and a strong focus on quality across the business. I am delighted to take up this new position, to drive forward awareness and sales in Europe.”

SPS is one of the largest manufacturers of promotional products in Europe and disposes of a comprehensive “made in the UK” line-up of products, among others in the areas plastic and thermal mugs as well as sports bottles.


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