Rebrand: Ippag Global Promotions becomes Prominate

EU – Ippag Global Promotions Ltd., the capital company of the international distributor group Ippag (International Partnership for Premiums and Gifts) that was founded in 2011 has changed its name to Prominate in the scope of a rebranding measure. According to the company, the new name is to underline the differences between the cooperative and the capital company and marks the beginning of a new chapter of global development.

Chief Client Officer, Emily Grice.

CEO, Mike Oxley.

As one of the largest full-service service providers on the promotional products market, Prominate offers multi-national companies the opportunity to wind up trans-national contract transactions as well as the central processing of the promotional products programme from one source. The customers include international blue-chip companies such as PepsiCo, Castrol and Siemens. Prominate falls back on the support of the Ippag network to wind up international processes. Together the over 20 Ippag member companies – only one member is allowed per country – achieve a turnover of around 200 mil. Euros and employ over 1,750 people. The headquarters of Prominate is in London.

“We sought an identity that better reflected our unique global and local set-up, which enables us to draw on regional skill sets and local perspectives. A much bolder, market leading identity was becoming imperative as we began to satisfy more and more global brands,” commented Chief Client Officer, Emily Grice. Mike Oxley, CEO of Prominate, added: “I am very excited about this rebrand, which will give clients and the market a much more accurate perspective of our global and local offering.”

The new website that was launched on January 12, 2017 presents the new brand presence and informs visitors about the experienced team, the strategic alignment, the creative and technical services, tools and process solutions.



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