Take-over: Plato Group buys Compacon

Compacon’s CEO Ton Löbker (l) and Frans-Jozef Maas, CEO of the Plato Group.

NL – As of January 1, 2017, the Plato Group, the parent company of Clipper and Igo-Post, took over the majority stake in Compacon. The take-over brings both sides considerable strategic advantages and opportunities for the future, according to a press release.

“Compacon’s full-service character, which places priority on service provision, account management, worry-free services, and creativity, lines up well with our vision of being able to service the entire market”, commented Frans-Jozef Maas, CEO of the Plato Group. With its headquarters in Helmond, the Netherlands and subsidiaries in Belgium, Germany, England, France and Denmark, the Plato Group has been making a name for itself as an internationally-operating importer and distributor of printed promotional products since 1945.

“Being part of the Plato Group will provide us with a springboard to access a large international network of European branches and allow us to continue our operations on an international scale”, said Compacon’s CEO, Ton Löbker. He added that the cooperation will not only bring synergy effects with it, but will also create the necessary prerequisites to further increase the company’s current success. Compacon was founded in 1992 and with subsidiaries in Barendrecht and Eindhoven is one of the leading promotional products agencies in the Netherlands. Compacon will continue to operate as an autonomous company within the Plato Group, Löbker, who founded the company together with Raymond Vos, will remain its CEO. Vos will sell his shares and leave Compacon.

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