PromZ.live: New trade show concept in Rotterdam

NL – After 15 years at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, the trade show, PromZ Event, organised by the Dutch company, Het Portaal, is treading new ground: The PromZ.live will be staged at the Ahoy Rotterdam on May 10 and 11, 2017 for the first time. A new event concept accompanies the change of name and location: The annual late-summer event, RelatieZ, which is also organised by Het Portaal and which focuses on Christmas gifts is to be integrated into the PromZ.live in future. Furthermore, a stronger focus is to be placed on the discipline action marketing – Het Portaal already launched a pilot event here last year: the trade show Je Klant in Beweging (“Your customer in motion”).


According to Het Portaal, a new exhibition format is foreseen, where the visitors can visit different podiums in the same way as at a festival. Six of these special interest segments are planned – the Gadget Zone, the Specialist Street, the BrandZ Pavilion, the Machine Park, the Seminar Lounge and the Campaign Marketing Square. Special exhibitions, lectures, presentations and workshops are to offer the visitors added value. 215 exhibitors from the promotional products and action marketing area form the sound basis.

According to Het Portaal CEO, John Swaab, the change in location offers the necessary environment for the development of the new concept: “In terms of atmosphere, ambience and experience, the Ahoy is more suitable for what we envisage. Less trade show, more festival – that is the principle according to which we intend to make visiting the event more attractive for a wider group of buyers. We are also expecting many new visitors from the region of Rotterdam, which has shown strong development over the last years.”


Photo source: Het Portaal

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