Trotec: New subsidiary in Mexico

The new Trotec team in Mexico.

The new Trotec team in Mexico.

A/MEX – Trotec Laser intends to strengthen its market position in South America by founding a subsidiary in Mexico and to this end has taken over its former distributor Gizmo S.A. that is based in San Francisco del Rincón, Mexico. Gizmo is considered to be an established and successful distributor of laser machines and engraving materials with around 20 years of experience on the market. The former owner of Gizmo, Rios Joel, was appointed as Executive Director, and the approx. 20 staff members of Gizmo have also been taken over. As such, Trotec Laser, has a headcount of over 450 employees worldwide. According to own accounts, the growth target of 200 mil. Euros the laser specialist has set itself should be reached in the year 2020.


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