Faber-Castell: Record year

D – Faber-Castell has announced a record result for the group after achieving a turnover of 631 mil. Euros (+10% compared to the previous year) in the fiscal year 2015/16. According to the spokeswoman for the Executive Board of Faber-Castell, Mary Countess of Faber-Castell, the group was able to record two-digit growth in individual segments of the business areas Brand Products for Writing, Drawing and Designing and Decorative Cosmetics. In particular, the private consumer area comprising of school, creative and luxury products is according to official accounts, showing positive development worldwide. The company stated that it had already invested in state-of-the-art machines at an early stage so that no bottlenecks in the production occur and so that the high demand for drawing utensils that has arisen for instance from the boom for colouring books could be met.

Mary Countess and Charles Count of Faber-Castell.

Mary Countess and Charles Count of Faber-Castell.

The signs for the current fiscal year 2016/17 are also positive. So far, the company has achieved significant growth in the writing & drawing segment compared to the previous year. Further growth is also expected in the cosmetic division. The company intends to invest in both the production and development of both business areas. Among others, the company is launching the limited-edition Karlbox, on September 1, which Faber-Castell designed especially for the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. The edition that is limited down to 2,500 pieces will be sold worldwide in selective retail outlets and in the company’s own retail stores. New writing instruments and leather accessories are planned for the Premium sector.


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