Special assignment for BelgoSweet

Maria Habex with her son in law, Jan Decker.

Maria Habex with her son in law, Jan Decker.

B – Maria Habex, the eldest inhabitant of the small Belgian city, Diepenbeek, received an original present from her family and friends for her 105th birthday on August 3, 2016: The elderly lady, who according to own accounts has been buying a box of chocolates of the Brussels chocolatier Leonidas every week for the last 50 years, was presented with a tin box donning her portrait filled with Leonidas chocolates. The individualised tin was designed and delivered by BelgoSweet. When the brand Leonidas was registered in 1937, the birthday girl was already 26 years old. And what Habex is going to get for her 110th birthday has already been decided too – her weight in chocolate.


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