Executive Board takes over Mid Ocean

Rutger de Planque, board member of Mid Ocean Brands.

Rutger de Planque, board member of Mid Ocean Brands.

NL – The management of Mid Ocean Brands has purchased 100% of the ordinary shares of the company. As of July 12, 2016 the investment company, Korenvliet, purchased all ordinary shares of Mid Ocean Brands, which were previously owned by HAV. The majority of Korenvliet is owned by the Mid Ocean Executive Board members, Rutger de Planque and Stephen Gibson.

The group, HAV, continues as controlling shareholder of Favorite Gifts. The main brands of Favorite Gifts are Giving Europe and Van Helden Relatiegeschenken. The business processes of Mid Ocean Brands and Giving Europe were in the past and will also in the future always be run independently from each other; nothing will change for the customers.



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