cyber-Wear: Distinguished merchandising items

abccontest_2016D – The Vignale Collection produced by cyber-Wear on behalf of Ford was distinguished at the Automotive Brand Contest 2016 in the category “Future, Mobility & Parts“. The Automotive Brand Contest is considered to be the only international design competition for automobile brands and has developed into an important industry event within a short space of time. The Award conferred by the German Design Council in eleven categories and four special categories pays tribute to outstanding product and communication design with the focus on an holistic brand presentation across all media and products.

The Vignale Collection that was jointly developed by Ford Design and cyber-Wear is made out of exclusive materials and partly involves elaborate hand work. Bags and accessories made out of finely grained, thick leather and pure silk are among the line-up alongside espresso cups and fine bone china. The collection is part of Ford’s Vignale concept to offer Ford’s customers an holistic service experience beyond a luxuriously equipped automobile.

The awards will be presented during the “Salon Mondial de l’Automobile“ in Paris in October 2016.



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