35 years of the L-Shop team

35_lshop_300x414D – The L-Shop team is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. When Armin Emmerich and Holger Jolitz began producing car stickers and badges in their home cellar in 1981, they didn’t imagine that their company would be one of the largest textile wholesalers in Europe three and half decades later. The cellar had already become too small after just four years, the first of four moves in total in the company’s history was on the cards. In 1985, initially screen-printing and pad-printing machines were put into operation, in 1988 the first textile imprinting machine followed. Then, in the year 2000, the textile wholesale trade was added to the company’s portfolio – a pioneering step, because over the following years this division was to become more and more important.

Since 2004 the wholesale trade with non-printed textiles has been the Dortmund-based firm’s core business, in 2011 the textile printing shop was closed down. Today, the L-Shop team has a headcount of over 160 employees and subsidiaries in Poland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark.


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