GWW Summer Meeting: Update and networking

Around 100 participants attended this year’s Summer Meeting.

Around 100 participants attended this year’s Summer Meeting.

D – The focus of this year’s GWW Summer Meeting on June 13, in Bad Nauheim was networking between all of the market participants (suppliers, distributors and service providers). Before the around one hundred participants met up for the evening get-together, in the afternoon they were first given an update about the current and planned projects of the association.

GWW President, Patrick Politze.

GWW President, Patrick Politze.


Networking in Bad Nauheim.

The GWW President, Patrick Politze, informed the members that they are working on a proposal for the “contemporary taxation of promotional products” together with the Berlin Institute for Finance & Tax, which should hopefully be completed by the end of 2016 and is to be submitted to the corresponding political bodies at the beginning of the next legislation period. Furthermore, Prof. Hans Rück from the Worms Technical College is currently compiling a guideline for the objection invalidation of exaggerated compliance guidelines, which is to be made available to the members. The GWW Executive Director, Ralf Samuel, reported about the current trade show projects of the association, the PSI Event Director, Silke Frank, presented the PSI services and an outlook of next year’s PSI Show. Together with the lawyer, Andreas Kammholz, the possibilities of having unsafe or non-marketable products taken off the market through authorisation enquiries by the GWW or injunctive relief of competitors were explained.

// Dr. Mischa Delbrouck


photos: Mischa Delbrouck, © WA Media

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