Cooperation between BSCI and Sedex

The non-profit organisation Sedex and the business initiative, BSCI, have signed a cooperation agreement. The aim of the so-called “Memorandum of Understanding” is the joint development of projects and programmes to support the efforts of the Sedex and BSCI members in the field of sustainability. The partnership strives to improve the efficiency of responsible procurement within the trade, increase the influence and avoid the unnecessary duplication of efforts. The themes human trafficking, the continual improvement of working conditions, the development of joint audit quality metrics, data communication, joint training and the cooperation of working groups are the focal points of the basic agreement.

sedex_logo_200x200Sedex stands for Supplier Ethical Data Exchange and is an English-language online database, via which the member companies can publish production location-related information and data on the themes working conditions, work safety and hygiene, corporate integrity and environmental management, which are monitored by an approved certification organisation. The over 38,000 members from more than 150 countries also commit to the continual improvement of their ethical social behaviour across the supply chain.

The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) is a business initiative on the improvement of the social standards in the value chain worldwide. The platform supports over 1,800 retailers, importers and brands in improving the working conditions in the factories and agricultural firms with a systematic monitoring and qualification code.


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