Faber-Castell lays down succession regulation

Mary E. Countess Faber-Castell

Mary E. Countess Faber-Castell

D – Faber-Castell AG, Stein, has laid down a succession policy for Anton-Wolfgang Count of Faber-Castell, who died in January 2016. The family of Faber-Castell and the Supervisory Board of the Faber-Castell AG have decided to seek an external CEO as the successor for Anton-Wolfgang Count of Faber-Castell. The candidate selection process is to be completed by the end of this year.

Until the new CEO has been found, the widow of the deceased, Mary E. Countess of Faber-Castell, who was appointed to the Executive Board of the Faber-Castell AG on January 1, 2016, will take over the role as board spokesperson and coordinate the areas of the other board members. Charles Count of Faber-Castell, who is currently responsible for the premium segment of the traditional company, will expand his experiences in other areas of the company and take over additional management tasks.

According to own statements, the Faber-Castell family will in the future continue to play a key role in the company’s Executive Board, Supervisory Board and at the shareholder meetings in order to secure their influence over the traditional company, which is still 100% family-owned and to ensure that the Faber-Castell AG will still also remain a family business in the ninth generation.

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