Magna sweets: Exclusive partnership in Poland

Szczepan Siatecki (l) and Krzysztof Żejmo.

Szczepan Siatecki (l) and Krzysztof Żejmo.

D/PL – In the course of its international expansion, Magna sweets has signed an exclusive sales cooperation for Poland with the company Żejmo & Siatecki with the aim of reinforcing the sales of its sweets and snacks on the Eastern European market.

Żejmo & Siatecki has been successful on the Polish promotional products market for many years and holds the exclusive franchise in the Eastern European region for the products of established brands, including Toppoint and zogi. Szczepan Siatecki was previously employed as General Director at Toppoint Polska and as CEO of Senator Poland, Krzysztof Żejmo was Sales Director at Senator Poland.


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