Fyvar: New board

Gabriel Moëse (c) was re-elected to office.

Gabriel Moëse (c) was re-elected to office.

E/P – In the course of its 63rd General Meeting at the Hotel Sercotel in Madrid on January 28, 2016 the Spanish/Portuguese industry association, Fyvar (Asociación Internacional de Fabricantes y Vendedores Articulos Promocionales y Publicitarios) elected a new board for the term of office from 2016-2020. The President Gabriel Moëse (Paul Stricker) was re-elected. He will be supported by Romà Bruch (Camimpress) as the 1st Vice President and Chetal Kantilal (Tejo Brinde) as the 2nd Vice President, by Félix Abian (Donodare) as the Secretary and Silvia Pecker (Gravalaser) as the Vice Secretary as well as by Miguel Pérez (2000 Publimark) as the Treasurer and Joan Panadès (Graficser) as the Accountant.


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