Van Bavel: Management changes

Jaques van Bavel

Jaques van Bavel

B – As Van Bavel has announced, the co-founder and co-proprietor, Jaques Van Bavel, has decided to leave the company. With immediate effect, Michel Van Bavel is the sole CEO. Jaques Van Bavel, who according to company accounts has left the firm due to reasons of health, is changing industries and will be dedicating his attentions in future to the buying, selling and restoration of historical automobiles after founding his new company Bavelcar.

With around 25 employees as well as the subsidiaries, The China Office and The Entertainment Office, Van Bavel is one of the largest promotional products agencies in Belgium. The company was founded by Jaques and Michel Van Bavel in 2003. Previously the two brothers had sold their company Bavelco that was founded in 1953 by their grandfather Louis to the American promotional products group, Halo.


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