Plagiarius 2016: “Prize-winners” announced

Plagiarius_Zwerg_300_dpi_10x13-1D – During a press conference on February 12, 2016, the Plagiarius was conferred for the 40th time at the consumer goods trade fair, Ambiente, in Frankfurt. The Aktion Plagiarius e.V. (Plagiarius campaign) has been awarding the dreaded negative prize since 1977 to the manufacturers and distributors of particularly brazen fakes.

According to official accounts, the EU customs authorities confiscated almost 36 mil. illegal products to the value of over 617 mil. Euros in 2014 alone at the external borders of the EU. In addition to clothes, sports items and toys, the confiscated goods include among others imitations with a high risk potential: from incorrectly dosed or contaminated medicines, to perfumes, cosmetics, food and cigarettes, through to electrical household goods, chainsaws and brake discs. Once again in 2014, around 80% of the goods confiscated originated from China and Hong Kong. Whereby the countries of origin also included the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and India. The EU is the key sales market for the imitation goods. Over the past years, more and more European companies have also been found among the nominees for the negative prize, often the original manufacturer and the alleged plagiarist even come from the same country.

Three main prizes, two special prizes and five awards of equal-ranking were conferred at the award ceremony of the Plagiarius 2016 from among 40 entries in total. Well-known companies such as Tupperware are among the aggrieved companies.


The first prize went to the spectacles frame “Arles”. Original (l): Meyer Brillenmanufaktur GmbH, Germany. Fake (r): Mechanisch-Optische-Metallverarbeitung GmbH, Germany.


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