L-Shop-Team: Two new subsidiaries

Gilles Brunin (l) and Jacob Bertelsen.

Gilles Brunin (l) and Jacob Bertelsen.

D/DK/NL – Since the beginning of 2016, L-Shop-Team GmbH has been operating two subsidiaries, one in the Netherlands and one in Denmark. Together with the branches in Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic as well as the offices opened up last year in Switzerland and Belgium, with new subsidiaries in Breda and Ballerup the textile wholesaler is now operating in eight European countries in total.

“We are particularly delighted that we were able to win over Gilles Brunin in the Netherlands, who is an experienced textile industry expert. Our new Danish CEO, Jacob Bertelsen, also worked in the textile sector for several years in the past and is a fully-fledged sales professional,“ commented Jörg Bittorf and Stefan Schenk, the CEOs in Dortmund. Furthermore, they stated that the long-term partnership with RDPP in the Netherlands and New Jersey in Denmark would continue.

L-Shop-Team is one of the largest textile wholesalers in Europe and has made a name for itself with the punctual and reliable delivery of textiles for the promotion, leisure time and workwear sectors.


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