Schwan-STABILO: On course for growth

The black, cube-shaped new building has a so-called pixel facade, which is created by a multitude of small, staggered windows.

D – According to own accounts, the Schwan-STABILO group made a turnover of 601 mil. Euros in the last fiscal year (effective date: June 30, 2015) and thus recorded 7.4% growth compared to the previous year.

All three group divisions – Cosmetics, Writing Instruments and Outdoor – experienced strong growth: The cosmetic division turned over 319 mil. Euros and thus achieved a 7.2% growth rate (previous year plus 4%). The STABILO (writing instruments) division grew by 3.3% (previous year plus 1.5%) and increased its turnover up to 170 mil. Euros. The Outdoor sector made a turnover of 112 mil. Euros, an increase of over 15% (previous year plus 13.5%). The Cosmetic division accounts for 53% of the overall turnover and the brand-name sector (STABILO and Outdoor) for the remaining 47%. The growth in turnover over the last five years was 30%. Totalling 83%, the export share was on a par with the previous year.


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