iENA, Nuremberg: Multi-faceted novelties show


D – The 67th edition of iENA – the international trade fair “Ideas – Inventions – Novelties“ was staged from October 29 to November 1, 2015 at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre. According to the organisers – the trade show is organised by AFAG Messen & Ausstellungen GmbH, which is based in Nuremberg – around 700 inventions were presented by inventors and organisations from 36 countries. The exhibits included smart ideas for everyday use, high-tech innovations, scurrile items and surprising novelties. According to the organisers, 16 joint country stands were represented at this year’s event, including Poland as the partner country of iENA.

A lecture and discussion programme was held parallel to the event. Among others the PSI, who cooperates with the trade show, took part in the lecture programme and supports and promotes the inventors in participating at the PSI. The PSI Director, Michael Freter, explained the concept of the so-called “sponsorships” in an interview: The concept is about promoting the successful marketing of inventions also in the haptic advertising sector.

The visitors – the official figures were not available at the time of going to press – were offered a wide-ranging and diversified spectrum, which also demonstrated the huge potential of youthful pioneering and inventive spirit.

A detailed report will be published in eppi magazine, No. 108 (November 30, 2015).



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