Promotional Gift Award 2016: Secure the early bird rate up

pga_verleihung_hl15_350xD – Exceptional campaigns that involve the implementation of haptic advertising, merchandising collections that perfectly suit the brand, custom-made designs of haptic image profiling products that are tailor-made to suit the customers – these are all candidates for the Promotional Gift Award 2016. Marketing departments, advertising agencies and designers, who want to take part in the 14th edition of the special design competition for haptic advertising, still have time up until November 11, 2015, to enter their products and campaigns. For those who register their competition entries by September 30, 2015 via www.promotionaward.com, can benefit from the early bird rate: In this case, the participation fee costs 180 Euros instead of the regular price of 220 Euros.

The Promotional Gift Award is conferred in a total of eight categories: “Give-aways”, “Communicative Products”, “Premium Products & Brand Articles”, “Best Practice”, “Custom-made Designs”, “Packaging” and – newly introduced in 2016 – “Merchandising” (please see www.promotionaward.com for the definitions of the categories). The award-winning products will be presented in their own exhibition at the HAPTICA® live ‘16 at the World Conference Center Bonn, on March 16, 2016. The official prize ceremony will also be held at the HAPTICA® live.

Detailed information on the Promotional Gift Award 2016, on the jury and on the terms of participation can be found at:


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