Promotürk, Istanbul: Clearly arranged offer

TR – The 30th edition of Promotürk was staged from September 3-6, 2015 at the CNR EXPO in Istanbul – in the direct proximity of the Istanbul-Atatürk Airport. The event is jointly organised by the Turkish industry association Promotürk and the exhibition organisers, ITF Istanbul Fuarcilik A.S., a sister company of the CNR Holding.

According to official accounts, 35 exhibitors – mostly nationally operating suppliers, although several international brands and companies were represented, exhibited in Hall 3 of the fair grounds – further shows were held parallel. The items exhibited were dominated by calendars, further products made of paper and leather, writing instruments and textiles. Customising machines were also on display. The official attendance figures were not available by the deadline, however the exhibitors didn’t appear to be run off their feet. All market participants, including also end users, were allowed to visit the event. “I wouldn’t describe the event as a trade fair, but rather as a meeting prior to the imminent elections here in Turkey,” summed up Ercan Güler, President of the Turkish association, Promotürk. “It was apparently a mistake to describe the event as the ‘Promotürk Show’ and thus create certain expectations regarding the size and internationality of the event.” The big, international trade fair is to be held every two years in future with a much higher number of exhibitors.“

A detailed report will be published in eppi magazine, No. 107 (October 7, 2015).

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