eppi magazine: New sustainability series

wn341_nach2The current issue of eppi magazine, No. 106, is launching a new series on sustainability within the promotional products industry, one of the currently most debated themes of the industry. Promotional products and sustainability – are they at all compatible? In the face of long transport routes, a price-sensitive market and the growing significance of packaging is it at all possible to produce and distribute sustainable and socially responsible goods? Although we are well aware that there are no simple answers to these questions, the series is picking up on different aspects of the theme, inviting our readers to take a closer look, think about the topic and take part in the discussion.

What is your opinion on the theme of sustainability? Is the theme overrated and who ultimately pays the price? How do you/your customers actually define the term sustainability? Which organisations can you recommend and which certifications assist further? Name us examples, ask us questions! We look forward to receiving your comments on LinkedIn or via our homepage.



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