BrandCharger: Cooperation on the Russian market

F.t.l.: Maksim Makarov (Project 111), James Ung (BrandCharger) and Yura Khanin (Project 111).

F.t.l.: Maksim Makarov (Project 111), James Ung (BrandCharger) and Yura Khanin (Project 111).

RUS – BrandCharger, one of the leading manufacturers of USB charging devices for the promotional products market, is expanding its European activities. After successfully establishing itself on the American and Asiatic markets, the originally Dutch company is now also reinforcing its sales efforts in Russia: In the scope of an exclusive partnership, the company, Project 111, which is based in St. Petersburg, will be selling the complete product range of BrandCharger in Russia with immediate effect. “Over the last three years, we have sold the car charger very successfully and we are convinced that we will expand the footprint of BrandCharger in Russia,” said Maksim Makarov, Marketing Product Manager of Project 111.

With 22 years of experience, Project 111 is one of the leading companies in the Russian promotional products industry. Renowned manufacturers such as Samsonite are among the brands that the company distributes on the Russian market. According to official sources, Project 111 made a turnover of 24 mil. US Dollars (approx. 21 mil. Euros) last year and the company’s warehouse and production capacities span 11,300 m².


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