Anniversary: 90 years of Le Creuset

lecreuset_brater_250x285F – This year Le Creuset is celebrating its 90th anniversary. The company that was founded in 1925 in Fresnoy-le-Grand, Northern France, by two Belgian industrialists has particularly written a success story with its orange-coloured roasters and is in the meantime, according to own accounts, the global market leader for cast iron cooking utensils. The first piece of solid craftsmanship that was made with plenty of passion for cooking revolutionised the world of cooking at the time. In this anniversary Le_Creuset_Historie_250x301year, Le Creuset is among others, redesigning the historical original and presenting an exclusive anniversary edition in the original design, which is limited down to 1,925 pieces.

An individual sand mould is created for each individual roaster for the Le Creuset manufacturing process, which the melted cast iron is poured into. Each sand mould is only used once − this means that unique specimens are created and the fact that all Le Creuset items have a 30-year guarantee underlines how durable they are.


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