PIAP survey: Quality beats price

PIAP_logo - KopiePL – The Polish industry chamber PIAP (Polska Izba Artykułów Promocyjnych) has published the fourth edition of its survey on the perception of promotional products as an advertising medium that was originally initiated in 2010 and subsequently updated in 2012/13. According to the survey, promotional products are considered to be the second most favourable form of advertising and is seen to be the most effective advertising medium. Almost 83% of the marketing managers interviewed – which is approximately the same percentage as last year – purchase promotional products in order to enhance their company’s image. However, in comparison to last year’s results, the price is no longer the decisive factor when selecting the respective article, quality is now at the top of the list, followed by its appearance and then the price. Customers are therefore prepared to pay more for promotional products. The obvious conclusion for this is that they are convinced of their impact.

Office accessories, calendars, printed materials such as brochures and stationery, followed by bags, packaging and sweets continue to be the most commonly implemented items. The most promotional products are implemented for events, especially for trade shows, for event organising measures and for Christmas.

Furthermore, the survey shows that the Polish promotional products market is currently enjoying more stable budgets. For example, 42.5% of the respondents stated that they spent more money on marketing than in the previous year. The same percentage are expecting the expenditure to remain constant. Around 15% of the marketing decision-makers’ have more than 100,000 Zloty (approx. 24,000 Euros) available for BTL measures in 2015 as in the previous year, almost 8% more than in 2014 have a budget of between 20,000 and 50,000 Złoty (approx. 4,800 to 12,000 Euros).

The fourth edition of the PIAP survey was carried out among 361 Polish marketing decision-makers between April and June 2015.


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