Fare celebrates its 60th anniversary

D – The stylish anniversary party of the company Fare Schirmwerk was held in Cologne on June 25, 2015. The family company, which is not only well-known as an umbrella expert on the promotional products market, has already existed for 60 years now.

CEO Volker Griesel accompanied the guests through the evening.

CEO Volker Griesel accompanied the guests through the evening.


The anniversary celebrations were highlighted by excellent catering, a successful – also visually – review of the company’s history, concise and entertaining statements by CEO Volker Griesel and surprises prepared by the staff. There was plenty to enjoy for the guests, who had come from all over the world. In additional to professional entertainment, among other things a magician, who had been flown in especially for the occasion from Italy, presented umbrellas in a very new, surprising and spectacular way.

A detailed report will be published in the coming issue of eppi magazine, No. 106 (August 26, 2015).


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