Anniversary: 125 years of Opinel

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Joseph Opinel

F – This year the traditional, French brand Opinel is celebrating its 125th anniversary. The Opinel knife was developed in 1890 in the French village Albiez‐le‐Vieux by the young smith Joseph Opinel as a practical all-round knife for hunters, lumberjacks and farmers in the Savoy Alps and the knives from the Savoy still accompany their owners on all outdoor‐activities today. The jack knives are made out of sturdy beech and solid carbon steel, the secure locking mechanism consists of a metal ring. Due to the growing demand, Joseph Opinel soon opened up his own workshop and built sophisticated machines for the production of large volumes. By 1897, he produced knives in twelve sizes that were numbered from No 01 to No 12. In 1909, he registered the brand “La Main Couronnée“ (the crowned hand) – a logo, which decorates the blade of every Opinel knife up until today.

In 1915, Opinel‘s sons Marcel and Léon joined the company, which is still owned by the family to this very day. The firm is currently managed by Denis Opinel, the great-grandson of the founder. In addition to the Opinel pocketknife, a wide selection of knives for modern use are manufactured. State-of-the art production methods are implemented today, whereby the traditional workmanship has remained the same.

Opinel knives are sold on the promotional products market via the German company Herbertz.


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