American Apparel: Turnover figures for Q1 2015


USA – The Los Angeles-based textile specialist, American Apparel, has presented its figures for the first quarter of 2015. According to which, the company recorded a net loss of 26 mil. US Dollars (approx. 22.7 mil. Euros) in the first quarter – losses that the American Apparel CEO, Paula Schneider, described as being due to the initial phase of a multiannual strategic realignment. The turnover in the wholesale sector, which also includes the promotional products segment, was able to record a slight growth of 0.6% compared to the same period of the previous year after achieving a turnover of 49 mil. US Dollars (2014: 48.7 mil.). Overall, the net turnover dropped by 9% from 137.1 mil. US Dollars down to 124.3 mil.


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