The Pen Warehouse donates for Nepal

Nepal collection 2

UK – The employees of the British pen specialist The Pen Warehouse have raised over 1,350 British Pounds (approx. 1,900 Euros) to donate to a Nepalese charity. Since many colleagues from the companies’ team are from Nepalese families, the earthquake in Nepal in April 2015 had a very personal resonance across the company.

The money raised will be given to Maiti Nepal, an established charity in Nepal which works exclusively with children and women. The charity is currently sheltering about 200 children, mostly victims of the earthquake, and they urgently need help to buy basic necessities such as tents, food, clothing and bottled water. The Pen Warehouse has also donated 500 British Pounds (approx. 700 Euros) to the Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) which works together with 13 major charities to help countries stricken by disasters.

“It’s very distressing to see the suffering in Nepal. We wanted to do something to help those who have been so badly affected by the earthquake. Colleagues and our Managing Director, Neil Cleere, have been very generous and for that we will be forever grateful”, Sunita Gurung, who helped to co-ordinate the collection at The Pen Warehouse, said.


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