Oscar prize-winner Michael Moore visits Faber-Castell


In the scope of his visit, Michael Moore (m) spoke with employees from Faber-Castell and was impressed by their high degree of loyalty to the company.

D – On April 16, 2015 the documentary filmmaker and Oscar prize-winner Michael Moore (Bowling for Colombine, Fahrenheit 9/11) visited Faber-Castell. Moore was interested in the collaboration between the employer and employee representatives, professional training, the family-run medium-sized model and social benefits of the company.


Michael Moore (l) interviewed the employee from the USA, Michelle Keith about the differences between German and American companies.

The film team shot scenes in the pencil production unit, in the company’s in-house crèche, in the canteen and in the grounds outside. Moore interviewed employees as well as the Sales Executive Director Rolf Schifferens and was “very impressed by the immense loyalty of the Faber-Castell employees,” according to a press release, but also “by the social security scheme in Germany and the additional benefits of German companies”. Michael Moore wrote in the guest book: “Fantastic people at Faber-Castell – I will take your good ideas home with me, these are American ideas from now on!”


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