Rapex Report 2014: Further increase in alerts about toys

Rapex_234x350EU – The European Commission has published its annual statistics on the reports of dangerous products in the scope of the EU rapid alert system for unsafe products (Rapex for short). According to which, in total 2,435 alerts were reported in 2014, which corresponds to a 3% increase compared to the previous year (2013: 2,364 complaints) and the highest number ever since the system was introduced in 2003.

The most frequently reported products were toys with a share of 28%, this is a 12% increase compared to 2013, followed by clothes/textiles (23%), electrical appliances (9%) and motor vehicles (8%). The most frequent risks among the reported products were physical injuries (26%), chemical risks (25%), suffocation (12%), electric shocks (11%) and strangulation (9%).

In total, 64% of the reported products came from China and Hong Kong, as was the case last year, 14% came from the European Union. As in the previous year, the highest number of warnings came from Hungary (291 reports), followed by Germany (273), Spain (272), France (163) and Cyprus (151).


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