GWW: German united federation constituted

D – The constituent general meeting of the new united federation of the German promotional products industry, GWW (Federation of the Promotional Products Industry), took place on March 26, 2015 in Mainz. Previously, the members of the individual associations AKW (association of brand companies), bwg (distributors‘ association) and BWL (suppliers‘ association) once again agreed upon the merger at their respective associations under the supervision of a notary. Overall, the result of the vote was unequivocal: Apart from one abstention, all of the attending members were in favour of the union federation and new statutes. As such, the German promotional products industry has for the first time in its history a uniform representation for all market participants.


The Executive Board and management of the new GWW.

Up until the Annual General Meeting with elections on December 16, 2015, the old GWW Board will continue to steer the fate of the new GWW: Patrick Politze is the Chairman, the remaining members of the board are Hans-Joachim Evers, Klaus Rosenberger and PSI Director Michael Freter. According to the old statutes, the PSI has two votes on the Board, one of which was assigned over to Manfred Schlösser, Edit Line.

A toast was raised to the new association during the meeting at the Atrium Hotel in Mainz. Furthermore, several speakers gave a review of the approx. 55-year history of the German promotional products industry and its associations. Subsequently, three guest speakers addressed current problems including the current restrictions in the advertising industry, the tax treatment of promotional products and the current compliance requirements. One thing became clear: Plenty of work awaits the new GWW. The Executive Director of the GWW Ralf Samuel is going to tackle this workload with a further enforced team: Judith Metzler and Wilfried Wurch will be actively supporting Samuel at the new GWW offices in Frechen.

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