Survey: Packaging has an impact on product satisfaction

Please click on the image to access the infographics.

Please click on the image to access the infographics.

A survey by the MeadWestvaco Corporation, one of the world’s leading suppliers of packaging and packaging solutions, based in Richmond (USA) demonstrates that the customers expect more from products and their packaging. “Packaging Matters“ is a survey on the satisfaction of the consumers regarding packaging. The survey is carried out annually. This year’s survey examines the impact of packaging on the level of product satisfaction and on the buying behaviour in eleven product categories, including food, drinks and body care. 5,075 consumers in five markets worldwide were interviewed – in Brazil, China, Germany, France and the USA.

The collected data shows that 31% of the consumers worldwide consider the packaging to be ”important” or ”very important” for the evaluation of their general satisfaction of consumer goods. 83% are “more or less satisfied“ with the packaging, but only around one consumer out of ten is “totally satisfied”. 18% of the respondents stated that new packaging solutions lead to the products becoming more complicated or more confusing. Among the eleven categories surveyed, the packaging in the three product categories “refrigerated foods“, “cosmetics/care products/perfume” and “to-go food and drinks” have the greatest impact on the purchase decision. Over a third of the consumers worldwide stated that the packaging had a “very” or “extremely” big influence on their purchase decisions in these three categories.


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