PSI Promotion World: Reserved CeBIT debut

D – This year’s PSI Promotion World celebrated a premiere from March 17-19 in Hanover: Because for the first time ever it wasn’t held parallel to the world’s largest industry trade fair, the Hanover Fair, but instead parallel to the IT Show, CeBIT. As Michael Freter, Managing Director of the co-organisers PSI, explained, the aim is to give the promotional products industry the opportunity to reach new target groups. In his conclusion the PSI Director stated that this objective had been “achieved by some better than others“. “Many of the visitors originally attended the PSI Promotion World from the IT and from the producing industries,“ added Arno Reich, who in his capacity as Department Manager of the co-organising company, Deutsche Messe AG, is co-responsible for the PSI Promotion World.


Arno Reich (l), Department Manager of Deutsche Messe, and Michael Freter, Managing Director PSI.

Among the exhibitors, the change to the CeBIT was met with divided opinions: They were in some cases able to register several promising enquiries, however many of the 96 exhibitors criticised the overall lower frequency of visitors compared to the previous years: According to the official figures, the total attendance was 9,815 visitors (2014: 10,200 visitors). The quality of the contacts was also not consistently guaranteed – in contrast to the past years, the visitors did not have to prove their status as a trade visitor at the entrance gates, so that in addition to buyers and marketing specialists there were also a lot of school children and students among the visitors, as numerous exhibitors reported.

The next PSI Promotion World is scheduled to take place from April 26-28, 2016, once again parallel to the Hanover Fair. The intention is to alternate annually between the Hanover Fair and CeBIT.

A detailed report will appear in the coming issue of eppi magazine, No. 104 (April 15, 2015).


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