Staples acquires Office Depot

Staples_Logo_250x159USA – The US office item chain, Staples, has taken over its competitor, Office Depot. The transaction, which has already been planned since September 2014, is to be completed by the end of 2015. According to reports, the company is being purchased for a total of 6.3 bil. US Dollars (approx. 5.6 bil. Euros). Allegedly, Staples, which is well-known on the promotional products industry through its business unit, Staples Promotional Products, is paying 7.25 US Dollars per share (approx. 6.40 Euros) in cash as well as 0.2188 Dollars in own share certificates.

According to Staples, the joint annual turnover of the two office item giants totals 39 bil. Dollars (approx. 34.4 bil. Euros). The company is also expecting to be able to sink the annual costs by at least one billion Dollars as a result of the take-over.


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