Keepme Bags: Donation for children’s charity


Steve Anderson, Commercial Director and owner of Keepme, presenting the cheque to Angela Wagstaff of Allwag.

UK – The second donation initiative “Race to print 200,000 cotton bags“ by Keepme Bags has come to an end. Since November 2014, the British bag manufacturer has been donating a penny for every sold and imprinted bag of its Long Handled Natural Cotton Bag model, with the aim of raising a total sum of 2,000 British pounds (approx. 2,730 Euros) by selling 200,000 bags. The customer, who placed the biggest order, was allowed to determine to which charity the sum should be donated.

On the request of Allwag Promotions, the 2,000 Pounds is going to be donated in equal parts to the two charity organisations, Brainwave and Kyds. Brainwave cares for children, who are seriously ill or disabled and Kyds promotes the artistic development of children and youths in the scope of theatre projects.


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