2014: Record turnover for German promotional products industry

GWW-eppi-magazine-werbeartikel-nachrichten-wa-mediaD – Totalling around 3.48 bil. Euros (2013: 3.44 bil.), the turnover of the German promotional products industry achieved a new record in the year 2014. These figures derive from the Promotional Products Monitor 2014/15, which was published by the German promotional products umbrella association, GWW, in January 2015. The survey that is conducted annually has been documenting the standing of the promotional product as a means of communication in German companies since 2004, based on representative spot checks. The overall annual turnover of the industry is determined from the expenses that the companies interviewed have spent on promotional products in the corresponding year.

The 1.25% increase in the volume of turnover compared to the previous year corresponds to the highest market volume ever achieved by the German promotional products industry. Over the last five years, the money spent on promotional products rose in over 25%of the 500 companies interviewed and almost 30% are expecting their expenditure for promotional products to increase further. The survey also brought to light that every fourth company that doesn’t currently spend money on promotional products would be convinced to do, if they were shown practical proof of the effectiveness of the implementation of promotional products.

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