Giving Europe stops providing financial support to EPPA


Stef van der Velde

EU – According to own accounts, Giving Europe is stopping its financial support for the European Promotional Products Association (EPPA) with immediate effect and is demanding the repayment of the funding provided. Giving Europe is one of the members of the “Supplier Steering Committee” that was founded a few years ago: The supplier committee provided financial support to the umbrella association for diverse projects, among others for the CSR certification that is based on the “EPPA Code of Conduct”. According to Giving Europe, several hundred thousands of Euros were invested in the project.

As stated in the corresponding press release by Giving Europe, EPPA is now intending to make money by selling CSR certifications to European distributors. Allegedly, this model, which the ex-Chairman Thomas Hendriksen presented last spring, aims to raise funds for the association, which is not receiving sufficient financial support from the member organisations.

Giving Europe CEO, Stef van der Velde: “The introduction of the certifications, which cost hundreds of thousands of Euros, failed because the expensive certifications were sold to the customers. This is one of the main reasons why Giving Europe is demanding the repayment of the money invested in EPPA. Furthermore, I am of the opinion that the member associations of EPPA don’t work together well and no longer have any trust in the EPPA Board.“


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