Promoswiss: Survey on the Swiss promotional products industry

promoswiss_logo1-130x130CH – The Swiss industry association, Promoswiss, has commissioned the FHS St. Gallen (Technical University of Applied Sciences) with a survey on the distribution of promotional products in Switzerland and on the turnover of the Swiss promotional products industry. The survey was carried out as a project by four students who are taking a degree in Economics. As the survey revealed, 145 (28.7%) of the 506 Swiss companies interviewed implement promotional products, 361 (71.3%) don’t implement promotional products. The top reason for implementing them was cited to be building up a direct contact with the customer, followed by providing the customer with something of practical value as well as the promotional products acting as an image tool or door opener for new business relationships. Almost 62% of the respondents exclusively purchase their promotional products in Switzerland, around 30% buy them in Switzerland and abroad and only 9% procure their promotional products exclusively abroad. The items are mainly purchased via the promotional products trade. The most frequently named criteria for the selection of a promotional product are the quality (53.9%) and the price (43.3%) as well as aspects such as usage, originality and ecological aspects, which were consolidated under “Others” (41.8%).

Based on surveys regularly carried out among its members, Promoswiss estimates that over 500 mil. Swiss Francs (approx. 412 mil. Euros) were turned over by the Swiss promotional products industry in the year 2013. Indeed, the average market volume worked out by the project group lies at over 733 mil. CHF (approx. 607 mil. Euros). The majority of the companies interviewed stated that their expenditure for promotional products would remain constant for the year 2014.


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